Commitment is the name of the game.
Since the company was founded in June 2013
we have been committed to uncompromising
professionalism and service in the air freight industry for
our customers - the international airlines and freight forwarders.
The various solutions we offer our customers,
our choice of overseas business partners / service providers,
our customer service and our attentiveness - all manifest in
light of our uncompromising commitment to our customers.

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Your Freight Fighters

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About Us

Sparta Cargo was founded in Israel in 2013 by Alon Neuberger, formerly VP commercial of C.A.L. - Cargo Air Lines, Ariel (Arik) Manchami, formerly the company’s Export Manager and financial investors that have given the company a strong financial backing.

The in-depth knowledge of international air freight that the two have acquired through their work in the industry was utilized in favor of establishing Sparta Cargo, which offer a wide variety of A class solutions in this industry. 

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