Import to Israel

Sparta Cargo’s import department has close ties with various agents worldwide that enable it to offer cargo import services to Israel.

The department, together with its agents, operates with maximal flexibility according to the ever-changing markets and quickly locates reliable, efficient and competitive solutions for its customers.

The department operates daily consolidations of shipments from China, Hong Kong, western Europe, England, and the United States (East Coast).

The services and activities provided by the department includes:

-Door to port shipments: collection from supplier door, customs clearance in the country of origin, and flying to the destination port.

-Port to door shipments (a service given to freighter companies outside of Israel wanting to conduct customs clearance and distribution to the customer in Israel): receiving documentation at the airport, customs clearance and distribution to the customer.
Advanced services such as preparing documentation for customs for the supplier, repackaging, storage in the country of origin, and more.    

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