Sparta Cargo was founded in Israel in 2013 by Alon Neuberger, formerly VP commercial of C.A.L. - Cargo Air Lines, Ariel (Arik) Manchami, formerly the company’s Export Manager and financial investors that have given the company a strong financial backing.

The in-depth knowledge of international air freight that the two have acquired through their work in the industry was utilized in favor of establishing Sparta Cargo, which offer a wide variety of A class solutions in this industry.

The company began operating as GSA for airlines and later developed additional complex tools for its clientele. These include door to door freight solutions for all types of cargo and service needs - hazardous materials, non-standard sizes, time critical shipments of all sizes, slower and less expensive shipments options, and more.

A unique aspect of Sparta Cargo’s business is that it serves exclusively the freight companies and airlines and never to the end customer. This is how the company remains completely neutral and avoids any conflict of interest with its customers.

The company operates successfully in competitive markets thanks to its core values:

-       Maximal reliability and transparency towards our customers and suppliers.

-       Uncompromising professionalism

-       Personal, efficient, professional, and proactive customer service while understanding the customer’s needs and offering maximal availability.

-       Knowledge = power: Constantly striving to acquire knowledge and understanding the ever-changing market needs alongside the balance of power in the global aviation market in order to rapidly and flexibly adapt demand to supply.

-       Ensuring rapid and smooth management without internal bureaucratic obstacles, and quick decision making at all levels.

-       Investing in the company’s employees and letting them know that they are the backbone of the organization’s success.

-       Standing at the technological forefront using the most advanced management tools, service, and operations in the world, developed especially for the company’s needs and the nature of its business.


Over the years, the company developed a close relationship with stringently chosen professional agents around the globe that share its worldview and enable it to serve its customers worldwide, according to its core values.

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