Airline Representation

The company’s export department deals with professional cargo representation of airlines (GSA) including marketing, sales, customer service, operations, payments collection, cargo claims and any other aspect required for the airline’s cargo business.

The company’s import department supports the represented airlines as "cargo station" and serve their import shipments, including issuing documentation for customers, handling cargo received at the cargo terminal, locating deficiencies, special services such as accompanying from the plane to the terminal for hazardous materials shipments, handling live animals, searching for and locating missing shipments and more.

The company currently represents two online airlines operating direct flights from Israel, as well as additional offline airlines whose services are sold by the company as interline from Israel by an Israeli airline and connecting to the represented airline's network at an optimal point. The process is accompanied by one AWB, issued in Israel.


An Israeli airlines that flies to various destinations in Europe and Africa and is planning on flying to additional destinations in the Far East by the end of 2018.

The company currently operates narrow passenger aircrafts with a capacity of up to 2000 kg per flight for bulk cargo and up to 100 kg maximal weight per package.

The company has an ideal service for agriculture on a direct flight from Israel to Amsterdam, as well as additional air freight services for live animals and small cargo to different destinations in Europe, such as Cyprus, Spain, Portugal, France, and more.

Atlas Global

The Turkish airline Atlas Global launched online flights from Tel Aviv to its hub in Istanbul at the end of 2017, and have chosen Sparta Cargo to be its cargo representative in Israel.

The company operates flights from Tel Aviv to Istanbul and from there, quick connections to various destinations in Europe, Russia, the former Soviet Union countries and Asia.

The airline’s Airbus 320/321 fleet can carry up to 2500 kg per flight at a weight of up to 100 kg per unit.

Atlas Global cargo terminal in Istanbul is equipped with all needed for handling hazardous materials cargo, refrigerated cargo, live animals and agriculture shipments.

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